HOLY – Jesus Piece – SLP token White Paper 

The HOLY Token minted on Simple Ledger Protocol/SLP  within Bitcoin Cash infrastructure   . The HOLY Token was minted on 7/8/2020 with a one-time mint of 77,777,777 HOLY. 

HOLY Token ID and Explorer Page:




 HOLY token is to be used as a benefit token and will introduce new users to SLP on Bitcoin Cash and Jesus simultaneously. 

Our mission is to spread Jesus name and help people worldwide. 

 The mission given to Bitcoin Cash users is to spread adoption of peer to peer electronic cash. This was the same mission given to followers of Christ . Spread his name regardless of persecution. The freedom of millions out weighs the cost. 

Jesus understood the importance of free will and moral conscious, so will the followers of HOLY Token and Jesus Piece. Bitcoin Cash will free economically challenged people and promote personal and community prosperity. 

 HOLY Jesus Piece is the vehicle to accomplish : 

Normalizing Crypto currency in many areas of the world who align with religion

 Introduce current and future crypto users to Jesus 

Introduce current and future Jesus followers to Bitcoin Cash

Promote transparency behind screens among users. (Less likely to get scammed exchanging in a token with the name of Jesus)

Fund Raise and seek donations anywhere that recognizes the benefit

 Encourage leaders to build and tokenize on Bitcoin Cash SLP 

Lay the framework for "WE ACCEPT BCH/HOLY" at Communion

HOLY is not an institutional religious entity . HOLY is a concept of self ownership and justice 



HOLY Token wallet holders will receive tokens through dividends as "Blessings" and for voting rights.

Team creation and deployment in humanitarian efforts GLOBALLY

 Nigeria (In Progress)

Landing Site of Education for new users 

Partnerships in the space promoting new projects

 HOLY will host multiple brands of tokenized business  

(including FlagShip A Tokenized Consulting Firm )