*This list is based on Holy’s opinion of long term HOLD assets*

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Bitcoin Cash remains as a top technology to serve as peer to peer cash for the world. Bitcoin Cash is quick , cheap and secured by one of the strongest proof of work networks.

Total Supply 21M


Monero (XMR) – Monero is a privacy based token that is also proof of work . Monero is asic resistant , with the intent to provide a more fair distribution of block rewards. Monero achieves privacy by sending out multiple spoof transactions simultaneously with the valid transaction to conceal transaction from the user .

Total supply : 21M


Tron (TRX) – Tron is a smart contract , proof of stake ecosystem . Tron seeks to decentralize the media world with their platform of DAPPS and smart contracts . Tron can be “Frozen” and “votes” can be cast to earn passive income .

Total supply : 100B


Raven (RVN) – Raven coin is a proof of work coin. Raven specializes in asset creation via tokenization and shorter block times . Raven could replace ETH as the go to for GPU miners globally. *Please note , RVN distribution was fair with no premine , even with 40% of circulating supply held by a few addresses*

Total Supply : 21B


Banano (BAN) – Banano is a fork of the coin NANO . Banano upgrades along with Nano , as well as being the test bed for future nano implementations . Banano is unique in its “MonKey” address system ( Each address has a monkey character that was randomly assigned based on address hash) . Banano also has free transactions , no fees.

Total Supply : 1.9B