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👉 On the 26th of October, there is going to be a cross-community airdrop between the HAM & HOLY community! 👈

7 HOLY tokens per #HAM wallet will be shared to the HAM community & 33,333 HAM tokens will be shared to the HOLY community to private wallets which hold this two tokens.

Details about these 2 tokens would be given:

HAM Token: @HAM_Token_Chat

You can purchase HAM tokens here:

HOLY Token:

You can swap HOLY & HAM tokens here:

So get ready for this amazing cross-community airdrop. Minimum amount the HOLY community needs to hold to get the HAM token is 500 HOLY and the  HAM community will receive 7 HOLY  per wallet with minimum 750 HAM !

It is rewarding to own HOLY and HAM tokens!



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