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October 19 , 2020 

HOLY facilitates mission and team development for humanitarian efforts in the Ibadan , Nigeria region . 

 The team: 

 Ajayi Matthew 

Telegram: @Soldout7755 



 Telegram: @Phazes 


 Telegram: @Onoruoiz

The Goal : 3.5 BCH 

The Mission : 

BCHOLY will deliver food food to two local orphanage and safe homes . The goal is to provide enough food for 100 people for 2 months . 

The break down below is in NGN

Rice 2 bags@ 35000 = #70000

Beans 2 bags@40000=#80000

Noodles 10 pack@1200=#12000

Spaghetti 5 pack@3000=#15000

Groundnut oil 2@26000=#52000

Cassava flour 2 bags@25000=50000

Yam 40 tubes = 36000


In dollars @380 =828.947$

~830$ = 3.32 BCH 

Who Is Being Helped?

Galilee Foundation

OYIZA Orphanage



We have designed shirts that have been funded from HOLY (Click for tx) 0.39980081BCH

Current Balance


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