Planting time

Have u seen man whose farm produce sold in season and out of season, the only secret is that he understood time and season and searched for land texture that will yield for him and he put in place irrigation service for dry season. Crypto currency is the selling plant now the wise are planting and looking for more fertile land to plant but the fools are eating there seed. Which are you. Selah


Highlight of 2020 Holy Jesus Piece

Dear Team , Welcome to the year of NEW THINGS with HOLY FAMILY(YEAR 2021). 

Holy has some recorded great achievement in the past year within the space of 6 month and the achievement are still counting. We won't stop until every holder becomes great and immoveable in the world of crypto currency.

 Here are some accomplishments to date : 

 Holy Created in July

 Website created

 Faucet running with over 1000 members

 jesus piece social

 We were able to raise funds for an orphanage outreach in Ibadan, Nigeria under the umbrella of Holy token And support from SLP tokens and BCH

 CCtip introduces pairs 

 Honk Betting site gets Flipstarter funded 

holy gaming room launched , 12th weeks running now. 

You can join this game as well with Just 7 holy and after 5 weeks u claim all back with a bonus

 HOLY advertisement bot and scheme created (Shelfed) for the day the need will arise.

 holy shop on accepts BCH and HOLY

 Blessed faucet the place everybody is blessed and relevant. But you can only join with an of fee Flipster funded 

 Food delivered in Ibadan at oyiza orphanage home Dec 2020 

 All thanks to God and the team members who has made it easy to come this far and to all those who trust us to be part of the groups. 

Congratulations team,

Congratulations Holy Family 

Congratulations to the future family member who will be joining us in no time.

We love you all please remain Holy and keep Investing in the crypto world because it is the future