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Answer: Yes! Casual sex is bad for you, because it takes the enjoyment out of a real connection. People should get consent before having sex, and intimacy is the cornerstone of relationships. But why? A 2016 survey from found that 43 percent of Americans think of the act of sex as something people do without thinking twice. But that’s not the case. In a study of over 100 sexual activities, they actually found that stimulating foreplay, casual sex, and the occasional one-night stand were the most popular acts. And guys who are most attached to their partners also tend to engage in most sexual activities with their partners — which makes sense: If you have no feelings for someone, you won’t be inclined to put in the effort to have anything sexual with them. So if you’re trying to have sex, why not just be sexual with the person you truly love? The motivation to have sex is for a mix of different things — especially if you’re new to the world of casual sex. Some people just want to have fun and do something exciting in their lives. Others are looking to fill a void in their relationship by being intimate with someone. And finally, some people are truly looking for love, and casual sex is the way to find it. There’s nothing wrong with casual sex, but there is something wrong with casual sex without consent. If you’re worried that casual sex is ruining something else in your life, set some boundaries. Begin by talking to your partner about how you’d like to have sex with them — and clearly communicate what you’re comfortable with, so they know not to take things further. If you’re unsure if they’re up to the task of only having sex for the sake of pleasure, ask yourself if they’re really into it. If you know you’re not in a relationship with the person you’re having sex with, remember to engage in foreplay and take turns. And finally, focus on the intimacy of the experience — the chemistry you have, and your reactions to them. That person is really special, and letting them know that will only make your time special. If you’re worried that you’ll fall for someone else, you might consider sticking to friends-with-benefits. Just be careful: Your house could become your “watering hole.” Open communication is essential if you want the casual sex you’re getting to last. After all, casual sex is not a lasting relationship — and it could be a reminder of what it used to be
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Why Are We Putting Limits On Casual Sex? 1. Incels Carrying on in the era of incels is just asking for trouble. Incels are mostly men who took a battering at a young age and have a number of mental illnesses, among them pedophilia, pathological jealousy, and various other psychoses. They also tend to be, as one might expect, obsessed with the idea that it is women who are to blame for their debasement. 2. Casual Sex Can Ruin Your Friendship Casual sex threatens every facet of your significant other’s image of yourself. Their friends are aware that they’ve been messing around on the side, so there are liable to be a lot of negative comparisons made between your relationship and theirs, as well as a sidelong glance in your direction as the relationship weakens. This can, in turn, lead to your significant other slandering you behind your back. This is the true source of casual sex’s bad reputation, and it’s a problem that’s easily avoided. 3. Casual Sex Makes You Bad At Dating It’s not that you should never cheat on your significant other, but you shouldn’t do it as a matter of habit. You’ll find yourself making excuses to strays, or maybe having to confront your significant other afterwards if the big moment doesn’t quite gel. Maybe, after a time, you’ll be so used to doing it that you’ll even begin to treat all your relationships casually. If you want to go out with someone, you have to be prepared to meet that person’s friends and colleagues. Doing so is a good way to get a sense of whether the person you’re considering is worth pursuing. 4. Casual Sex Can Make You Unhealthy If you’re looking to take casual sex seriously as a gateway to a committed relationship, it can really be a minefield. The people you sleep with are likely to be younger and more physically attractive than you, meaning you’ll feel like an older, unattractive version of yourself. Maybe they’ll feel obligated to continue seeing you in a sexual light, or they might feel you’re holding their power over you. If you’re in a committed relationship, the rules for casual sex are extremely strict. You can’t form a relationship with someone you haven’t disclosed everything about to, after all. And if you’re seeing someone casually, you need to understand their normal emotional reactions, both positive and negative. You don’t want to have negative emotional reactions towards someone you intend

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