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Girls love hookups, too — and they do it differently than guys. In her book Girls on Top: Gender, Media, and Sexual Agency, Patricia Y. O’Gorman, a sociologist at the University of Toronto, details why the hookup culture is different for women than it is for men. Most of the women O’Gorman interviewed hadn’t even been dating anyone in over a year. Many others have stories of crazy one-night-stands or long-term hookups with casually hookup-y acquaintances. But in these situations, O’Gorman doesn’t think the women are necessarily cheating. The hookups are almost always just for fun, done to prove that you are sexually active and to see what’s out there. If you don’t see your time with a casual hookup as real dating, but a brief fantasy that adds a bit of kink to your sex life, you’re in good company. Despite what’s said by generations of women’s magazines, today’s women are cool with sex and even sexy if that’s the look they’re going for. And judging by the fact that the same style and make-up being worn on the red carpet is favored on the Tinder box, and on Tinder boxes, casual sex isn’t on the list of rules. But as the dating app scene evolves, some sex experts warn that asexual people are at risk of falling through the cracks. Real talk. What is casual sex, exactly? If you ask 14- to 18-year-olds, the most popular response will probably be: sex. The answer is usually pretty obvious — if you think you can’t engage in something without it being labeled “casual” or “easy” sex, you’re living in a very small world, or on a dating app. When it comes to the standard definition of casual sex, women are way more likely than men to report having had sex outside of a committed relationship and more likely than men to report that they would really like to but aren’t sure if they’re ready. Most of the time, girls don’t have to even ask for a condom during casual sex because the dude often just assumes that he has to. What is casual sex? Casual sex doesn’t have to be simply having sex without a relationship attached. For many people, it’s just a specific sexual act with a specific
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There’s no real way to say if having casual sex will have a negative effect on your body, your life, or both. I’ve asked one of my doctors friend’s advice on the matter and he said it’s “totally fine to have casual sex, as long as it’s in a safe environment.” One thing is for sure, those who hook up regularly are at risk of developing many STDs including HIV, herpes and even pregnancy. But if you’re having casual sex and you meet your partner through an app, you probably already know these things so you’re less likely to be exposed to these STDs. The other thing you need to be aware of when hooking up with someone you met on a dating app is that they could have someone else. People are on dating apps to hook up with people they actually want to date, not just to find casual sex. If you get down with your booty buddy in the friend zone, you may not realize that she was actually talking to her best friend about how excited she was to go on a date with you. She might get irritated that you’re too drunk and take off, leaving her in bed and unable to get back at you. While it’s not the best way to start your relationship, it is casual sex. The possibility is there, but it’s also more dangerous and more expensive to get STDs than to just have sex with a random person. It’s more risky if you’ve been with a few people, while someone casual is mostly a one-night stand. This is also why it’s important to find out a few basic things about your partner before proceeding. What are the pros and cons of casual sex? The unknown is what makes sex casual. It’s way more intriguing than the next. , unless the casual sex is completely on your terms. It might be a reluctant partner or even the biggest turn on you’ve ever had in the world. Realizing how much of a night mare casual sex can be often makes some people give up entirely. So casual sex really isn’t about one way or the other. If you want it, just ask, because nobody can deny you forever. Casual sex is any sex outside the context of a long-term relationship. Is there any downside to casual sex? Looking into the dark side of casual sex reveals a lot of potential issues that can make it either a devastating or a great experience. There is a high possibility

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