Ten Tips for Writing a Professional Overview or Biography

A professional biography or overview, showcasing your background, expertise and experience, is a necessity for every business owner. This typically overlooked marketing instrument is a wonderful way to introduce you and your enterprise to potential shoppers and attainable strategic enterprise partners. Potentially, it would possibly open up opportunities for speaking engagements, radio or television interviews, or a characteristic print article. While any information about you and your enterprise is helpful, information that is introduced in a professional, well-polished method can make all the difference in how others perceive you. Consider these vital factors as you craft your own professional biography.

1. One web page wonder.

Your professional biography must be a few paragraphs and kept to one web page or less. One page is perfect for copying on the reverse side of a handout or flyer. Several paragraphs, left justified make it simpler to read and skim.

2. First, second, or third particular person?

Always write your biography in the third person. That’s, check with your self by your name or she/he as appropriate. It sounds more professional as it appears that a third party wrote the text. For instance, “Alexandra has been featured within the New York Occasions, Forbes, Newsweek, and Time magazines.”

3. Business in brief.

Not only do readers need to know what you do, but also they wish to know who you work with – because they might want to work with you! A professional biography ought to embody a sentence or two about your business area of interest (or niches) as well as the types of clients you serve. A modified version of your 30-second elevator pitch is perhaps perfect.

4. And the winner is….

Make sure that you simply include a list of awards that you’ve received. Readers are considering knowing about your talents and the organizations that recognize you for them.

5. Organizations.

Embody names of the organizations, clubs, or associations to which you belong. A reader’s curiosity may be highlighted at seeing that you simply belong to the identical alumni association or professional business group. Again, these connections would possibly possibly lead to some attention-grabbing and exciting business opportunities.

6. Certifications and designations.

Embrace any professional certifications or designations you hold. Make sure you write out their names in full, reasonably than use abbreviations. Not everyone might know that CMA stands for Licensed Management Accountant. And, maybe, in a unique self-discipline, it might represent something else – like a Certified Materials Analyst. If you happen to not hold a particular designation, however it has played a major role in who you’re and what you do, do not hesitate to make a reference to it. For example, “Ann is a former Certified Data Processor and spent the last decade as an adjunct school member teaching higher mathematics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.” Don’t embrace abbreviations of college degrees, like MBAs as it looks unprofessional. The only exception to this could be for a Ph.D. designation.

7. Revealed?

Have you written any articles, books, e-programs or e-books? Self-printed or not, your works add to your level of professionalism and credibility. Showcase them in your biography and also you would possibly earn additional royalties in terms of new purchasers or other opportunities.

8. Did I mention the media?

Have you been a visitor on talk radio or television? Have been you or what you are promoting featured or even mentioned in a newspaper article? If so, readers need to know. Once more, these types of “mentions” add to your credibility and presence.

9. Call me any time.

People who want to know about you will read your biography for just that reason. And, if its compelling, rich, and contains the information they’re interested, in, they will want to contact you. Embody full contact information like your title (if any), name, address, telephone, fax, e mail, and website address. Make it simple to find this information by together with it within the last paragraph of your professional overview.

10. Write, rewrite, and do it again.

After you have got written your biography, edit, edit, and edit again. It’s possible you’ll have to do a dozen or so revisions earlier than you get it just right. Get rid of additional words, use descriptive words, keep the sentences short but assorted in size, and write in the third person. Ask some friends to provide input as well. Make certain to revise your biography commonly to keep it up-to-date and refreshed.

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