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Q: How do I programatically access a non-networked device? I am using vs 2008, and I have a Windows CE 5 device that is connected through Serial. I’d like to write a program that can talk to the device. The device is running a middleware application that I don’t have access to. It communicates through a c serial communication library. Right now I have two separate projects, one for the device, and one for the client. I am able to get the console application (clien) to connect and communicate with the device, but I have no idea how to get the serial communication library to talk to the device. Is there a simple way to do this? A: You can use the “Winsock” library included with Windows CE to talk to the COM port. Unfortunately, the library doesn’t come with a source code reference or docs, but you can download the binary from here. You’ll need to do this, because of the binary nature of the communication, you can’t use the class library in.NET. Another option that’s included with Windows CE and works only on the handheld is “Serial class”. Q: How to read Json data in scala.? I want to read this JSON data with scala {“customer”:[{“name”:”ABC”,”cno”:100},{“name”:”XYZ”,”cno”:101}]} I can get each element as a field, but I don’t know how to access all elements in a list. A: It tells you how to access a list of objects A video has emerged of two University of Saskatchewan classes where a professor allegedly told a class of new nursing grads: “I don’t want anyone wearing, you know, a jean skirt to work the next day.” Story continues below advertisement WATCH: Nipissing University student returned to class, apparently cured of coronavirus 4:32 Nipissing University student returned to class, apparently cured of coronavirus Nipissing University student returned to class, apparently cured of coron

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