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Jun 16, 2015 WINE WINE N US. OLD WINE N US. “Out of all the old wines we have tasted it is the one that has the highest number of components. Age is not the only thing that makes a wine very good.” -Svetan Dimitrovitch Popov, Chemistry Professor, RUSSIAN AUCTION HOUSE. There are four general characteristics of an old wine.
The flavor and aroma of wine are the most important aspects of its quality and longevity.
A large proportion of the components of the flavor and aroma of wine are in the grapes, and the amount of flavonoids in the grape itself is strongly related to the characteristics of the wine.
After the grapes, there are other ingredients contributing to the flavor and aroma of wine. These include oak, tannin, and fermentation.
Although the wine is predominantly made from grapes, there are additives added in the winery, such as filtration, which can also affect its characteristics.
The components of an old wine are defined by aroma compounds, by flavor compounds, by the effect of wine aging and by the bitterness in the wine.
Old, aging wines are often described as having more complexity, with a higher number of components and higher amounts of flavor and aroma compounds. The aged wines are usually greater in richness and intensity than the younger, fruitier wines.
The wine aging process produces a different flavor, aroma and texture. The change in flavor is known as maturing. The change in flavor and aroma during aging is the result of the degradation of compounds in the wine.
In addition to the ingredients from the grapes, old wines are usually made from the wine grape varieties made using different processes, such as cold, new crush or skin contact.
Old wines are made from highly aromatic varieties, such as cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, merlot and cabernet franc.
Old wines also are frequently made from varieties that are harvested later in the year to give them a more concentrated harvest.
These high-quality wines are often made from old-vine varieties, and when they are made from wine grapes with high aromatic compounds and high yields, they are often known as hybrid wines.
Old wines make up a large proportion of the domestic wine market in countries like Australia and Spain. In 2008, there were over 20 billion bottles of old wine that were sold worldwide. This number is expected to grow

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