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The software design of AutoCAD is built in a hierarchical fashion from the very basic level of shapes and symbols to the very complex level of design drawings. At the low level, user can create line, arc, circular arc, polygon, ellipse, text, and dimensions. These objects can be arranged into a drawing. These objects can be assigned to layers, locked, color-coded, and have attributes. Layers are special ‘namespace’ for drawing elements. To the user, layers are invisible but they are not actually invisible. They still exist and they still have their own properties. For example, if the user changes the color of a line, all the objects on that layer will change to the color they are on. A drawing is a combination of several layers and is the final product. Users can add objects to a layer and arrange them in a sequence they want. If the user wants, the user can hide the layer. If the user wants, the user can lock a layer to prevent the objects in the layer from being changed. The user can set an object’s color and stroke. The user can create reference objects, such as grids and scales. The user can create text boxes and switch the text display mode from True Type to Web Graphics. The user can also create text boxes with hyphenation and justification and control text boxes in terms of character size, character spacing, and italic, bold, and underline attributes. At the medium level, user can draw lines and arcs, and create text. The user can add a dimension, text annotation, text box, text font, text reference object, text box with hyphenation and justification and text box in terms of character size, character spacing, and italic, bold, and underline attributes. At the high level, user can create 3D objects like planes, solids, arcs, circles, and ellipses. They can be scaled and rotated. The objects can have modifiers that describe, for example, how the 3D object is nested within the drawing, how it’s aligned, and what part of it is visible. Use cases for AutoCAD AutoCAD is used by architects, engineers, hobbyists, and students to design and create everything from simple geometric shapes and line drawings to comprehensive architectural drawings and engineering drawings. Some of the applications that AutoCAD can be used for

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History AutoCAD Product Key evolved from the Macro Language System (MLS) macros (c) sold by Software Arts, Inc., a company founded in the mid-1980s by three alumni of Yale University (Steve Saxton, John Agatston and Paul Buchalter). MLS allowed users to automate the input and output of drawings, and there are some ideas and techniques that are used in current AutoCAD software that are based on the macros in the application. This is the same approach as that of the Macintosh version of Microsoft Word (now called AutoMerge), which was used to develop the first version of Word for Mac. Both Microsoft Word and AutoCAD evolved from a need to export and import data between applications. A group of developers at Software Arts had been thinking about how to build better drawing tools for people who worked with design drawings. In June 1988, ComputerDraft Corporation (CDC) was formed. At the time, Software Arts’ version of the AutoCAD macro language (which they called AutoLisp) was one of the only available tools to automate the input and output of drawings. However, when the company’s founders left to work at a startup, they left some developers at Software Arts to finish work on a new drawing automation tool. The idea was to create a macro language with better mathematical programming features that could work on data input and output (DIO) and import/export. The goal was to expand and improve AutoCAD into a full-featured drafting application that could automate certain types of repetitive drafting tasks. In addition, CDC was formed to take advantage of the new Macintosh platforms. The company was a pioneer in the computer-aided design market. In 1984, a team of CDC engineers was assigned to the design and implementation of the first commercially available CAD program. Using this experience, the CDC team designed and developed a macro language for what eventually became AutoCAD, which was released in 1991. AutoCAD became a high-profile application for CDC. The company experienced explosive growth in sales as AutoCAD was released into the market. To finance its new product, CDC formed an initial public offering in 1992, and during the IPO AutoCAD became one of the most successful IPO’s of that year. In November 1992, the company announced a strategic alliance with Computer Associates, Inc., the creators of Lotus 1-2-3, to release the Mac version of the product. The first version of AutoCAD for Mac was released in March 3813325f96

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Make design documents and drawings more accessible to everyone. Export color-coded document thumbnails and annotations for print-ready files. (video: 1:30 min.) Design faster with easier-to-use tools. Use the new Quick-n-Dirty tool to quickly mark lines and edit text. The new System Console and a couple of new icons take you straight to the features you need. Work better in 3D: Introducing the 3D Drafting Engine: You can control and design 3D views in your CAD workflows. Use the new Solid Modeling Tools to view, edit, and add 3D solid geometry to your drawings. Add and edit 3D solids to existing drawings and models. 3D annotation is now easy with annotative 3D, a new type of 3D annotation. 3D materials and 3D styles now support all file types, including DWG. Set your scene, and walk away. 3D architecture and design are now possible with new support for 3D BIM. Create better 3D design models with easier to use tools. Use the new Quick3D for quickly creating 3D faces, lines, circles, and text. Help is on the way for 3D models, too. Use the new 3D Computer-aided drafting (CAD) ToC Tool to see every file, every command, and every parameter for any command in a 3D file. Easier to use CAD tools: Graphics tools now open faster and are easier to use. Graphics and color themes can be saved and reloaded with the new Graphics Window and Color Theme Manager. The new tools include: New tools: AutoArray, SmartCells, and Opt. Graphics: IntelliArts, IntelliPaint, and IntelliGraphics. IntelliAccess: Automatically display items as you select them in a drawing. Ease of use: Dynamic tools, new scrolling, and new iconography. Compatibility: Compatibility and file interoperability between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2017 and earlier is now more consistent. Portable rendering is now available for color, grayscale, and outline drawings. Macros, blocks, and toolbars are now available in both 32-bit

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7 and above; 64-bit operating system only. Mac OS X 10.8 or later. For Windows 7,.NET 4.5 or later is required; Visual Studio 2015 or later is required for Visual Studio 2017. Update: 4.8.6 is now available for download. Preliminary Release Notes: Important: Version 4.8.6 is a beta release; it may have some issues. As such, it is suggested that this version not be used for anything other than testing

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