Tafseer Roohul Maani Urdu Pdf 322 🕹️

Tafseer Roohul Maani Urdu Pdf 322 🕹️



Tafseer Roohul Maani Urdu Pdf 322

Wasim Kundu

24-Jul-2017 11:44

Manuscript of Tafsir Alaiwali, written by Imam Muhaddith Shams ud-Din Ahmad Ali bin Ibrahim bin Hussain Al-Sheikh Al-Qadeem (in Urdu) is also available at a Government of Pakistan website:

Renato Giammarinaro

24-Jul-2017 10:07

. Al Baihaqi in ‘Ad-Durrat Ulama( Book 8, chapter 260) in Tirmidhi’s Kitab Al-Bahih (Vol 3, page 699) he has taken in it the word (Mannani) £Syª better than other writers who have translated it. Shams ud-Din writes in his Tafsir on page 163 that the word £Syª means worship and obeying of what He commands and prohibitions.
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1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to a device for the heat treatment of a metal strip, and more particularly to a method of annealing and hardening a metal strip in a vacuum chamber under a predetermined pressure, and a device for practicing the same.
2. Description of the Prior Art
In the manufacture of a steel strip, a piece of steel is heated to a certain temperature and then rolled. The heated steel strip is cooled in a cooling zone to a specified temperature, and then is wound into a roll of the finished product.
However, even if the finished product is a steel strip in the specified temperature, this steel strip is still likely to have cracks or strain because of the influences of the heat and pressure.
In order to eliminate these drawbacks, the heat-treated steel strip is annealed and hardened to eliminate the cracks and strain, and then is rolled to increase the strength of the rolled product. In this annealing process, a heat treatment is performed in a vacuum chamber under a predetermined pressure. In this heat treatment, the steel strip is placed between a pair of

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