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With the development of communication technology, people need easy ways to use the Internet. Online stores and auction sites also use this platform for selling and buying. Many of them can be easily accessed from any device. With so many choices, you will not find it easy to choose a good ones. That is why many online buyers have given up their shopping and are now turning to the search engines.

What are the Benefits of Shopping from Search Engines?
In the past, people went shopping to physical stores where the goods were displayed in front of them. They could physically see and touch the products. They would get to know more about the product and its quality. Besides this, there were also magazines and newspapers, which gave them the customer reviews and ratings.

Many of the consumer reviews give an idea on what the buyers think of the product. Many of the offline stores decided to use these reviews to their advantage. However, there are things you can do when you buy from an online shop.

Be Informed
Many of the offline stores do not do any kind of advertising. These are sometimes times when they need to add more products to their inventory. However, you do not need to know about this. When you buy from an online store, you are always informed about what is going on in the store. They have their own websites that regularly update you with the latest sales and promotions. Besides this, the online stores also have social networking pages. This allows them to interact with the customers. Besides this, many websites have dedicated apps that you can download.

Never Pay
When you go to a physical store, you are paying for the products that you see and touch. Most of these products will be displayed on shelves. When you have a physical store, you cannot do much other than that. You have to have the money to buy the products. However, with an online store, you do not pay a single cent. The seller has put all the products online. This means they need to display the products and sell them to you as well. This means they will charge you more than what you would have paid had you gone to a store.

You can find almost anything online. Products from top brands are available and come at a cheaper price. Also, you do not need to wait for the delivery. You can have the products delivered on the same day you place your order. There are many reviews of the products. This helps you make an informed decision about the product. Therefore, make sure

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Powershell / PowerShellPad Regex replace

I am attempting to do a simple RegEx in Powershell that will do the following:

Search for a set of strings (let’s say $foo)
Replace anything that matches the sets of strings with a new string (let’s say $bar)

This seems like such a simple issue, so I feel like I’m missing something silly, but I don’t know what it is. For some reason I cannot find any examples that do this with a newline in between the set of strings. What I’m trying to do is just find a word and replace it with a new word. If I run this:
$bar” -replace “foo”,”bar”

I get

which is what I want, but I can’t seem to get a newline.
I have tried a few different things, including:
“$foo$new\r$bar” -replace “foo”,”bar”
$bar” -replace “foo”,”bar”

No matter what I do, I just never seem to get the correct output. Any ideas?


Using both -replace and -split you can

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