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. Trishka Arora Shareware Co.Ltd. in search of valuable software products for download? Well,. with their helpful support. Tweet It!.EVIL is used in the title of this disc, but it is more than that, it is a representative name for anything that interrupts or distorts ‘passionate’ music – the soundtrack of which is an extreme, far-out, full-on 19th-century style of piano playing associated with the likes of Liszt and Rachmaninoff. Their must be something wrong with the recording, for here, the unique, evocative qualities that have distinguished these renditions for decades is left in the dust.

Some of the recordings are as well researched as any of his brilliant film scores. Other tracks feature mixtures of pianos to look for detail in, others feature orchestras of many different sizes. Inevitably, some tracks capture the listener with a completely different feel than they remembered.

But what is of real interest to pianists is the way Dave Ambrose has taken Rachmaninoff’s music and really put this eccentric piece of music into a very logical framework. The result is far more than a truly stylised, ‘aberrant’ take on these compositions. Rather, Dave has created an atmosphere of something profound and yet somehow strangely intimate – a new take on the spirit of Rachmaninoff.

So one is left wondering, would Rachmaninoff himself have approved of his music being recorded in this manner? Possibly, but the pianist is never one to try and follow an artistic whim. He’d be far better to make his own unique recordings. So we should be grateful to Dave for not doing the easy thing, for allowing us to hear his interpretations in the much more interesting way.

For most of us, this is more than we could ask of any band. But in the case of BISCHOFF, it is more than is really necessary – as you can enjoy their music in such an interesting form, with an interesting repertoire, with such a good looking set of CD covers. But ultimately, that is where the brilliance of Dave Ambrose lies.

This is perhaps the single greatest example of what an artist does with the music of others.

I only wish Rachmaninov had heard this! He must have been very disappointed with the way it was recorded. Nicely done!

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