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Which is an HMAC-SHA1 signature?

The result would be (in hex):


And, your word is is equal to:

Just type the above and hit the enter button!

Simply run this in the background from a command prompt (cmd or powershell etc), if you want it to run while you continue working in your text editor, you can add this to your.bat file.

start “” “C:\Program Files\MyMagicUtilities\MagicUtilities520ForWindows.exe”
This is what you would type, before hitting enter.


One way is to automate the installation
Create a.bat file, say magic.bat, containing something like this
C:\Program Files\MyMagicUtilities\MagicUtilities520ForWindows.exe /install

Then at the end of the.bat file type:

and the bat file itself can be stored anywhere you like in any directory. Now you can start the bat file from anywhere in your system by using the following from the command prompt:

if you want to automate the restart as well, then add the command start /restart to the end of the bat file to restart the software after completing the installation.


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