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Can we do an isolated dose of Toradol and if so, when?

My 4 yr old daughter has a bone spur in her foot that has become an issue. She is prescribed a prescription strength Toradol, alternating two doses per day (2 mg/kg/dose).
My concern is it is prescribed daily, so if she has a GI event, then we are seeing a large dose of Toradol. Is there an isolated dose available or can the dosage be given daily? If we can isolate a dose, when would be the best time to give that dose?
I asked our nurse, and she mentioned we could give a dose 3-4 hours after the other dose.


The short answer is that you can give a smaller dose more often. However, there are some drawbacks to this, which I’ll list below.
If you’re taking a daily dose of 4 mg/kg, that means your kid gets 20 mg of toradol in the morning and 20 mg of toradol in the evening. She gets a total of 40 mg of toradol per day.
The biggest problem with taking such a small dose more often is it makes the drug less effective. Sometimes, it even stops working entirely (though usually you get a warning before that, so you won’t get a full dose). The reason why is because of a phenomenon called non-linear pharmacokinetics.
Under this phenomenon, the therapeutic effects of the drug vary based on how much of the drug you have. If the total drug level is low, then it won’t be enough to get the desired effect. If it’s high, then it will likely

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