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Modiag Expert Key Torrent

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moDiag voor partners Category: Dutch stock companies of the Netherlands Category: University of Groningen alumni Category: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam alumni Category: Health care companies of the Netherlands Category: Healthcare in the NetherlandsFlat panel displays are one type of display commonly used in computing devices, especially portable or portable computing devices. Such flat panel displays typically have a display screen or faceplate, and a light source or backlight. The faceplate includes a TFT array substrate on which pixels are defined. The TFT array substrate is typically transparent so that light from the backlight can pass through to the faceplate to illuminate the pixels. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are fast becoming a common light source used in displays, especially for flat panel displays such as LED arrays as direct backlight sources in LCD panels. Although display screens themselves are typically made from liquid crystal and the like, there are also very thin devices using organic light emitting diodes (OLED), plasma display panel (PDP), and organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology for displays. Some displays use one or more LED light sources as direct backlights. A typical LED backlight will include an array of row or column lines of LED elements or pixel nodes. Each pixel node in a given column or row will typically have a row select line and a column select line, and may have other control signals in addition to the select lines. This pattern of select lines allows each pixel node in the display to be individually controlled to display the desired image. The control signals may include data control signals, such as those provided by display controller ICs, and enable control signals, such as those provided by sequential controller ICs. One concern with conventional displays, and particularly LED backlit flat panel displays, is that when the backlight is energized to generate light, there is a sharp increase in brightness of the pixels in the display that may be noticeable to the viewer. This increase in brightness is a function of the amount of light, the duty cycle and the duration of energization of the pixels. The combination of the display brightness and the smaller feature size of the pixels in a flat panel display can lead to the so-called “pixel crosstalk” problem. In short, when an observer views the display, the observer will perceive the image as an alternating sequence of bright and dark squares or squares arranged in rows and columns. The observer will typically see this as an area 3e33713323


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