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Originally posted by VirtuaGiuSellino
Well, in my opinion It means “rotten” or broken.

jika/ada ok

And there’s another meaning:

Is it possible to do this?

Originally posted by gadenchick
My best bet is that whatever it is they are saying is just simple translations. If it’s the latter, it means “yes” or “OK”.

Could someone explain this? I do not like this ´Oh my God, no!´

Thank You

Tags for gt6 und versionen :

Web Design From Scratch, Starting With HTML, CSS, And More.

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Celine Dion — Foolish The Way I Was

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Thank You

Since we know that this is a game about soccer, we can make an estimate of how far the ball was from the goal.The distance of the ball from the goal is the basic of the game: it can be made with an other application. The ball is under computer control.

It is possible to do that, but I consider useless, because it is not a learning tool.

Best bet is to use Google by the words of the video, not the image, and copy everything that appears on the screen.

Plus there is another meaning for : That, I think, that the director, for better film effect, have deleted a line of text or modified a part of a frame.

For example we can see:”I can’t wait for you to see how it ends”.

If you look for the exact line of text

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