Mining SLP

Mining SLP arrived to the Bitcoin Cash Community on 6/13/2020 with the introduction of MIST token.

Token Id : d6876f0fce603be43f15d34348bb1de1a8d688e1152596543da033a060cff798

The whitepaper made available @ The concept brings light to the early days of Bitcoin and the ease of entry into the mining realm. The website hosts available miners that are used 24/7 to obtain these coins. If you have a decent computer and internet connection you can obtain Mist via mining as well.

SLP mining was further progressed with MAZE . Maze token is the second mineable token minting baton initiated 7/22/2020.

Token Id : bb553ac2ac7af0fcd4f24f9dfacc7f925bfb1446c6e18c7966db95a8d50fb378

Maze was offered as an alternative to the very competitive nature of Mist. Maze was created by a Mist miner that wanted to use the mining platform for the basis of his project.