SLP tokens have been fortunate enough to have a site like . The website allows for wallets/users to interact with one another, on chain .

Memo uses Bitcoin Cash transactions to list the "information" from the users . Having a social network site integrated with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and a token exchange is huge for the crypto community!

Tokens are either displayed in Satoshi or BCH / Bitcoin Cash .

100,000,000 Satoshi = 1 Bitcoin Cash

Navigate to Tokens in the top menu bar. Tokens will be displayed via "Most tx' as the landing page to exchange.

Typically you can find your favorite tokens in the first couple pages. Always ensure that the token you select shares the same token ID as the token you are seeking.

Memo.Cash token list

Purchasing Tokens: collects 1.5% of listing fees and purchased .

 Meaning , you pay 1.5% of your sales to memo and 1.5% of total price of purchase. This must be considered when listing a token or purchasing .

To purchase a token , select the token name that you are looking to obtain . Lets select SPICE ,

SPICE token home page

The SPICE home page shows recent activity for spice, it also lists drop downs,

For Sale with drop down "For Sale" and "Sell Tokens"

Balances with drop down "Balances" and "Mint"

Select For Sale to be brought to the current listings of spice

Currently the lowest price of SPICE is 155 per token , This does not necessarily mean this is the cheapest total price available.

The price column lists the total price for the amount of tokens listed.

If we selected the first sale listing of 100 spice at 155 per token . The total amount of the purchase would be 15,500 , Shown below.

Selecting the Instant Buy button completes the purchase .


Selling tokens is a little more trickier. The button described previously under "for sale" , also has the "sell tokens" button.

No matter what token you select this "sell token" button for it will bring you to your wallets available tokens for listing

It is recommended to know the current ongoing price to list your own . Use the token drop down to select any token

I will show a listing of:

Token : HOLY

Token Quantity: 20

Per Token Price : 900 sats

This brings the total to 18000 satoshi

Click the List button , your token will be available for purchase under that tokens sale page .


Each token receives it value from users who post the token and the users that buy the tokens. You must also consider the nature of the token as well. If the token has a circulating supply of over a trillion. It may be a good question to ask why?


Value in this case comes from supply and demand. As long as someone is willing to buy the token at the listed price it will maintain it's value.

 If the token is not being purchased at the current price, you may see users offer a slightly lower price compared to what is shown .

The same applies for price movement higher, someone is willing to buy all the current supply. This allows for users to reposition their sales to produce profit.

There are a lot of factors that go into price. I like to consider the basis of the tokens use, the circulating supply, and the baton status of the mint.

From my experience , having an open ended supply is not good for future value , UNLESS this is a feature of the coin and its use case.

I also consider the amount of the supply as well. If there was a single genesis mint of 1,000,000,000,000,000 the number is still absurdly high . With no mechanism to use this amount of tokens , I tend to veer far from purchasing these tokens.

If we compare to tokens, MIST and HONK, we can see some clear differences in their creation and utility. HONK is a very well known tipping token, the circulating supply is 100,000,000,000 compared to Mist minting distribution through proof of work at 21,000,000 total supply will ever be rewarded.

On top of Mist being numerically scarce compared to HONK . Mist currently only has 4 million out of 21 million in circulation . The benefit of releasing tokens on a proof of work reward style is to promote decentralization of the tokens balances. HONK was minted by a single user that has the power to dictate where the tokens go. 

Mist allows competition for anyone to obtain .

Holy Token has single genesis mint of 77,777,777 HOLY. This allows for a different aspect of 3x more of the typical bitcoin supply limit. Holy is currently held by a centralized custodian . 72 million HOLY has been secured for long term process and planning.

These are some aspects to consider when purchasing or selling a token . HONK has a great market affect and use case in the SLP world. The facts mentioned above do not make HONK inferior compared to Mist. It just serves a different purpose and that is what we must understand.


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