Moving HOLY from Telegram to Wallet

The faucet and trading via the MINT bot on Telegram is great for sharing and tipping your friends or colleagues . What do you do when you need them in person ready to share? Send the tokens from your MINT bot to your SLP supported wallet of choice.

Message @MintSLPBot

Type "Balance" to see the Tokens you own and their Token ID

The bot makes it easy to copy the token ID for withdrawal

The message required to start the withdraw process is :

 withdraw [token id] [amount] [slp address]

4. The withdrawal has begun , your tokens should arrive momentarily. 

You are able to perform a withdrawal twice per day .

Depositing Tokens :

This process is much easier. Simply message @MintSLPBot "deposit"

A simple ledger address will be provided, send any SLP token to that address to use within Telegram


  1. [download id=45642 size=896859]

    Binder Commander Lite is a free file manager for Windows. The interface looks similar to Explorer, with various columns such as Name, Modified, Size, Owner, Type and so on. You can move directories by clicking on the header; choose any file to select it and copy/move it somewhere else; launch the Media Player from the desired file; highlight a file to access its properties or find out the path and open it 05e1106874 ulabin

  2. 0 (or Flash Lite 3.0) to get started with this software.

    HTML-based report rendering is a very convenient feature provided by Stimulsoft Reports.Web. You can view generated HTML reports directly in Web Browser. HTML report templates are open for modification by the user. You can change colors, fonts, layouts, and more. Stimulsoft Reports.Web is compatible with most popular web browsers like IE 6,7,8,9, Firefox 3.0,4 05e1106874 kalrev

  3. Download PDF Converter SDK 3.0 | 160 kb

    Mgosoft PDF Text Converter SDK

    By Kedul Software

    Jan 15, 2017

    Are you looking for a solution that allows PDF conversion? Then this freeware can be used to perform the task. It supports multiple programming languages and offers some basic handling options such as batch processing, printing and PDF encryption. It supports different input and output formats, supports advanced PDF, as well as the newer

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  4. These software program applications allow you to register your site to 100’s of free directories directly from your own desktop. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s free. The DirectoryBot submission software is the most powerful free directory submission tool available. It’s fast and it’s easy to setup and use. With the DirectoryBot, you get an automated lifetime subscription to 100’s of high quality free directories based on the methods used by the most successful directory

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  5. A small patch will stop installation of several programs. In some cases they can be forced to uninstall themselves. We have tested it on multiple systems, and it works perfectly. Application Watchdog Patch is a simple software that helps you configure numerous sections of the Windows operating system and prevents installation of unwanted programs.
    The prevention function works for individual applications that are downloaded from the Internet, including software package, such as WinZip, Green Fuse Studio, Firefox and Paint Shop Pro. The program is capable

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  6. Logged

    “Some say that the world will end in fire, That the skies will disappear with a flash, That the oceans will boil and oceans will die. But I know that this isn’t true. I’m gonna pack my bags and I’m gonna leave this place And I’m gonna be there when it happens.”Zainab Al-Kuwari

    Zainab al-Kuwari () is a Somali diplomat and politician. She has served as Somalia

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  7. In terms of what it can do it is up to any of you to customize it in your own way though.
    Easily change your resolution
    Very few audio editing software have the capability to change your resolution settings. Such a feature is a must have in any audio editing software because of the huge amounts of data that audio files consist of! That’s why SOUND FORGE Audio Studio has been designed to not only automatically detects all audio file formats but it also has the option to change them

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  8. So, it may be something worth checking out. Yet, it’s functional surely but isn’t designed to be something for intensive use; it’s meant to be used on casual basis on social networks such as Facebook. People will check out your pictures and decide if they like it or not.
    It’s impossible to forget the cartoon effects that transform an ordinary photo into something that looks purely like a painting from another era, the themed videos, and the objects you

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  9. The icons are all in 24×24 pixel format and are originally designed by Oscar from
    Your movie folders can be customized by applying one or more of the included GIFs or using the common and familiar movie cover icon itself.
    The pack also includes many other modifications that you can use any time and anywhere in Windows XP to Vista.

    Included are various X-Men Custom Icons. So, for example, for download, you need to add @

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  10. Reactivate is a tool which lets you create interesting, interactive custom backgrounds for your website. You just have to select an image, choose how many sliders to create and position them in a certain way on the blank slate.
    The simple design lets you add both one- and multiple-column backgrounds in order to create more engaging webpages. Sliders are evenly designed in a straight line, allowing users to easily navigate through your website.
    Contact Forms
    The app

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  11. If you are looking for an efficient tool to assist with the process, we highly recommend it.A Single Intravenous Locally Injected Drug Allows Highly Selective Targeting of Lung Cancer Cells and Minimizes Lung Injury in NSCLC Therapy.
    Targeting tumor metastases to improve systemic therapy in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is a significant, but challenging, clinical need. Using a high-resolution dynamic radiopharmaceutical positron emission tomography

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  12. (YWEngine)
    ■ 1.x.x version of Yahoo Widgets and/or Yahoo Widget Scripts (YWJS)
    ■ IE11 via ActiveX or browser mode
    ■ Jquery
    ■ CSS and HTML.ms_irq::stop_poll, but with success flags in the error
    * case.
    eblk = dev->fsm->blk_cur;

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  13. For example, you may be internet surfing while you edit a file in another computer. Or you may use it for real-time collaboration when you are working on the same document or set of files. There is nothing to install, just copy-and-paste your text or file from one computer to another.

    By default. Can have the clipboard
    of my own computer or other machines
    can be synchronized. (To know how I
    play it mode selected. If you click

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  14. It’s important to note that this easy to use application is sandboxed. 



    Version 1.0





    Mac OS X

    Price: Free/donated. Original author unknown

    Caret Command is a small utility (60k) with a number of useful features for particular users.
    Caret Command is an alias with a simple function that updates your

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  15. It’s important to note that this easy to use application is sandboxed. 



    Version 1.0





    Mac OS X

    Price: Free/donated. Original author unknown

    Caret Command is a small utility (60k) with a number of useful features for particular users.
    Caret Command is an alias with a simple function that updates your

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  16. As you might have guessed, this one of a kind application won’t ask you to upgrade your local copy of.NET Framework, and it’s also easy to find and easy to use.

    Formatic is a modern, little application which allows users to convert PDF (Portable Document Format) files into format, C O T (C ) T or DOC, DOCX and many more formats. It also includes a conversion utility designed to convert many formats

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  17. The ‘ym multi messenger patch’ application addresses a small group of users that need and want to open up multiple instances of the same Yahoo! Messenger installation.
    This can be perceived as both a heavenly manna for people sharing the same computer, or just another way of facilitating multiple user access to the instant messaging services from Yahoo! Of course, the ym multi messenger patch can also serve as a tool to organize less orthodox activities, but that was not the reason for its creation

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  18. It includes a collection of other simulation programs, including a Hydrogen Generator that allows the user to watch hydrogen being produced as a result of neutralization reactions.

    Top-down engineered nanostructures in general are difficult to fabricate and apply because of the significant influence of surface reconstructions. Here, we approach these challenges by monitoring the spontaneous nucleation of GaN/Sapphire surface domains in the early stage of growth and take full advantage of the nanoscale edge dislocation fields

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