Moving HOLY from Telegram to Wallet

The faucet and trading via the MINT bot on Telegram is great for sharing and tipping your friends or colleagues . What do you do when you need them in person ready to share? Send the tokens from your MINT bot to your SLP supported wallet of choice.

Message @MintSLPBot

Type "Balance" to see the Tokens you own and their Token ID

The bot makes it easy to copy the token ID for withdrawal

The message required to start the withdraw process is :

 withdraw [token id] [amount] [slp address]

4. The withdrawal has begun , your tokens should arrive momentarily. 

You are able to perform a withdrawal twice per day .

Depositing Tokens :

This process is much easier. Simply message @MintSLPBot "deposit"

A simple ledger address will be provided, send any SLP token to that address to use within Telegram