Downloading A Wallet

You have reached the point you are ready for a wallet to store your tokens, which one do you choose?

There are many mobile application wallets available for download .

My personal favorites are:

Zapit wallet available @ (Android only ) wallet @ , Play store, Apple store

Badger wallet on Play store and Apple store

Downloading Wallet and Overview

I will show an example of install wallet available on Android and Apple

  1. Head to app store and search ""

2. Download and Open your wallet

No KYC (Personal Questions) is required to use the app .

 The wallet will prompt for backing up the recovery phrase.

 With Bitcoin Cash , you hold the keys. 

The recovery phrase is a SECRET, this is what is used to restore your wallet . Without this seed phrase secure , you could risk losing funds. Always keep this phrase in a safe location and ensure their are multiple secure copies of this phrase .

Take the time to write down this phrase, you will have to input on the next screen.

3. On all SLP wallets you are given a Bitcoin Cash/BCH address that begins with Bitcoincash:

This is to receive Bitcoin cash relatively instantly with less than a penny transaction fee


You also have an SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) address that begins with Simpleledger:

This wallet is used to store and send SLP tokens such as HOLY, Spice, HONK , etc.

Move the slider to select which address you would like to view, BCH or SLP

4. The send screen offers options for moving your tokens out of your wallet.

The paste option will paste from your clipboard the address you have copied.

The camera is use for QR scanning such as the QR codes found home screen .

You can also select to send to your other wallets within app or contacts you have previously saved.

5. Now you know how to protect your wallet, receive BCH/SLP , and send BCH/SLP 

How do you see your tokens?

Select your Bitcoin Cash wallet. Select the option "assets" . This will display all BCH and SLP balances. There is an additional toggle for verified and unverified tokens.